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Welcome to the MINE Research Group

Dear Visitor,

we are a group of researchers who work in the field of Intelligent and Adaptive Systems, and who are interested in data and its exploration as well as in finding and applying information about the data. Current research is related to Artificial Companions, Anomaly Detection, and Financial News Analysis (Sentiments, Topics, Features).

With respect to education, the collaboration with students of different levels is another important constitutional concern. We participate in Doctoral, Bachelor and Master studies, giving theoretical and practical courses concerning the concept of data and its organisation (Database Management I, Database Management II, and Database Management III), as well as Information Retrieval and Learning, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, and Machine Learning. Additionally, many Master and Bachelor theses have been supervised and advised over the years. On the following sides, you will find some interesting links describing and characterising our team.

Kind Regards,
       Christoph Schommer,
       Department of Computer Science and Communication
       ILIAS Laboratory, University Luxembourg

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